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Dybevik Enterprises, LLC - Madison, Wisconsin

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Personal auto transport made easy! Car Concierge Auto Delivery is a small, privately owned business based in Madison, Wisconsin, specializing in delivering your vehicle and personal belongings to your destination.

Please contact me for a quote if you are moving, vacationing, have purchased a vehicle in another state, or need to get a vehicle to a loved one. Your vehicle and personal items will be delivered safely and efficiently. (Extra charge for pets.)

Please see testimonials below. Personal references can be happily supplied.

Call or email for a flat fee quote. Please include:

I will need your car 1-2 days before delivery.

Testimonials and Articles

Tim has driven our vehicle from Wisconsin to Tampa and back for several years. His prices are competitive, his manner is professional and his attention to detail and safety is reassuring. His communication before, during and after the drive are outstanding. We've received updates along the drive. Landing at an airport and reconnecting with our washed, gassed, vehicle is just a thrill. No more stuck in traffic, no more goofy weather and no more hassles on the road. Thanks Tim!
— Bonnie

Our daughter needed a car delivered to her with extremely short notice in Park City Utah. My only option was to call one of these car delivery services. I was unfamiliar with how this worked and I called a few different places.

Car Concierge not only gave us the best price, but they could move quickly and have the car delivered within a couple of days.

The car was delivered on time and our daughter was most grateful. This is a unique kind of business, but Car Concierge handled all the details perfectly and I would highly recommend them in the future.
— Doug Dittmann

I had the opportunity of calling Car Concierge to arrange for my vehicle to be driven from Ft. Myers, Florida, back to my home in Madison, Wisconsin. I was most impressed with the attention to detail when I called the owner to arrange this trip. It was the first time I had ever done this, and they were recommended to me.

Car Concierge was very prompt and courteous. My car was delivered with a nice car wash and, as an added bonus, earlier than was originally promised. I could not have been more impressed and would gladly call on Car Concierge’s services in the future.
— Dottie

My wife Nancy and I have been traveling to Southwest Florida each December 1 and through January 31 for a number of years. Since both of us are in our eighties, the drive has become a very tiring three day chore, as well as a cause for some concern to our children. Consequently, we have been flying commercially to Fort Myers International Airport then renting an automobile for the two months. The current discomfort of flying and passing through Security measures plus added charges for any additional luggage has also taken the pleasure out of flying.

So we sought out Car Concierge Auto Delivery to see if that might be a better way to travel. It was a delightful, efficient and practical solution!

Our experience can only be described as wonderful. Not having to tote our limited baggage into the airports and then waiting for it to arrive gave us peace of mind on the trip. The Concierge service is flexible, so the car was not simply “Dropped Off” near the delivery dates as other services provide. So all things considered, the Concierge service made traveling much more pleasant, and we did not have to recover from driving or the annoyances of handling luggage going or coming.

In addition, a review of comparable costs with previous expenses of renting a strange automobile with added taxes and airport charges, showed that we saved more than five hundred dollars for traveling over previous years. Traveling this way was much more pleasant, and we do plan on utilizing this service again in the future.

We highly recommend the Car Concierge Auto Delivery service!
— Professor Bernhard R. Works